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Obstetrics and Gynecology


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Association of Radical Hysterectomy Surgical Volume and Survival for Early-Stage Cervical Cancer

Potential Consequences of Minimum-Volume Standards for Hospitals Treating Women With Ovarian Cancer


Evaluation of the Effect of Surgeon's Operative Volume and Specialty on Likelihood of Revision After Mesh Midurethral Sling Placement


Patterns of Prescription Opioid Use in Women With Endometriosis: Evaluating Prolonged Use, Daily Dose, and Concomitant Use With Benzodiazepines


Severe Acute Maternal Morbidity in Twin Compared With Singleton Pregnancies


Shoulder Shrug Maneuver to Facilitate Delivery During Shoulder Dystocia


A Clinical Reference Guide on Sexual Devices for Obstetrician–Gynecologists


Management of Acute Obstructive Uterovaginal Anomalies: ACOG Committee Opinion, Number 779


Diagnosis and Management of Hymenal Variants: ACOG Committee Opinion, Number 780

Infertility Workup for the Women’s Health Specialist: ACOG Committee Opinion, Number 781





Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Prenatal Insomnia: A Randomized Controlled Trial


Herbal Medicinal Product Use During Pregnancy and the Postnatal Period: A Systematic Review


Accuracy of Three Screening Tools for Prenatal Substance Use


ACOG Committee Opinion No. 778: Newborn Screening and the Role of the Obstetrician–Gynecologist






Safety Assessment of a Large-Scale Improvement Collaborative to Reduce Nulliparous Cesarean Delivery Rates


Perioperative Antibiotic Use and Associated Infectious Outcomes at the Time of Myomectomy


Hypertensive Postpartum Admissions Among Women Without a History of Hypertension or Preeclampsia


Three-Dimensional–Printed Uterine Model for Surgical Planning of a Cesarean Delivery Complicated by Multiple Myomas


Change in Second-Trimester Abortion After Implementation of a Restrictive State Law


ACOG Committee Opinion No. 773: The Use of Antimüllerian Hormone in Women Not Seeking Fertility Care


ACOG Committee Opinion No. 774: Opportunistic Salpingectomy as a Strategy for Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Prevention


ACOG Committee Opinion No. 775: Nonobstetric Surgery During Pregnancy





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