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American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology


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Fertility-sparing surgery for early-stage cervical cancer: does surgical approach have an impact on disease outcomes?


 Trachelectomy for reproductive-aged women with early-stage cervical cancer: minimally invasive surgery versus laparotomy


Are fibroid and bony pelvis characteristics associated with urinary and pelvic symptom severity?


Increased risk of incident chronic medical conditions in infertile women: analysis of US claims data


Association between obesity and bacterial vaginosis as assessed by Nugent score


Maternal outcomes by race during postpartum readmissions


Prediction of small for gestational age neonates: screening by maternal factors, fetal biometry, and biomarkers at 35–37 weeks’ gestation


Circulating microparticle proteins obtained in the late first trimester predict spontaneous preterm birth at less than 35 weeks’ gestation: a panel validation with specific characterization by parity


Differentiating Streptococcus pseudoporcinus from GBS: could this have implications in pregnancy?


 The telomere gestational clock: increasing short telomeres at term in the mouse



Standard vs population reference curves in obstetrics: which one should we use?


Cystoscopy at the time of benign hysterectomy: a decision analysis


A stepwise approach for the management of short cervix: time to evolve beyond

progesterone treatment in the presence of progressive cervical shortening


Delivery type, opioid prescribing, and the risk of persistent opioid use after delivery


SMFM Consult Series #47: Sepsis during pregnancy and the puerperium




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